Tipperary Green Business Network

The Tipperary Green Business Network was established in Tipperary in 2011. The main aims of the Network are:

  • Help businesses to take advantage of the emerging green economy
  • Help Tipperary harness green job potential
  • Support businesses that want to green their products or services
  • Help to make Tipperary one of Ireland’s greenest counties

The Network provides opportunities for Tipperary companies that are using or supplying local products, providing services to the community or active in the green sector in any way. Greening your business to maximise resource efficiency is essentially about using less water, energy and raw materials to manufacture a product or provide a service. In every business steps can be taken to address pecific areas of the process, and to identify and eradicate waste, thereby saving money.

The majority of our members are self-employed, working in 4 broad sectors – Energy, Food & Agriculture, Tourism & Other Green Businesses (which include Consultancy and those involved in the Craft Sector).

Activities of the Network:

  • Networking events: The network meets monthly, where members can discuss industry and business topics such as energy efficiency, social media etc.
  • Training: The Network has hosted training for members on various topics
  • Green Business Awards: The Network hosts the annual Green Business Awards as part of the Tipperary Enterprise Awards in conjunction with Tipperary LEO
  • Field Trips: The Network has hosted field trips to member and green related businesses

The Network receives financial assistance from Local Enterprise Office, Tipperary and is supported in other ways by North Tipperary LEADER Partnership, South Tipperary Development Company and Tipperary Energy Agency.

Tipperary Green Business Network would like to thank the following agencies for their ongoing support: